Archive research aids

The database of fonds


The database of archive units (fonds) kept at the Archive of the Institute of Art History contains the fonds ID (e. g. MDK-C-I-17), title, other data (extent, provenance, type of documents, date range) and the short description of the units, as well as any relevant literature – all based on the printed catalogue of the Archive’s collection (The Archive of the Institute of Art History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. List and description of the fonds. Edit András –Gábor Pataki eds., Sándor Hornyik asst. ed., Júlia Szabó forew., Budapest 2000.). The search field above can be used to find keywords from the entire text of the database.

Archive catalogue (alphabetical card index)


Researching the units (fonds) of the Archive is also aided by catalogues (alphabetical card indices). Of the three sub-divisions of the collection, an Alphabetical index of names is available for a great part of “Collection C-I”, and an Alphabetical index of names and subjects for Collections “C-II” and “C-III”. Cards can be accessed divided into drawers.