List of Fonds: MDK-C-I-36

  • MDK-C-I-36

  • Title
    Art historian István Genthon’s bequest
  • Quantity / Provenance / Document types, inclusive dates
    13 folders, 8 uninventoried boxes / Gift, 1969; Purchase, 1971 / Original letters, typescripts, manuscripts, clippings, cards, 1838-1971
  • Description
    Letters, documents, titles and important catalogues relating to the painters Károly Ferenczy and József Rippl-Rónai. The most important material is Rippl-Rónai’s correspondence copied by István Genthon, catalogues of his major exhibitions, photographs of about 300 pictures and Rippl-Rónai’s oeuvre-catalogue collected by Genthon. Material collected on cities and monuments for the book "Traditions of Our Architecture"; written on note cards organized in alphabetical order, paginated, stored in a box. Material collected for the topography "Monuments in Hungary I-II" (Budapest, 1959-1960); typewritten note cards. Collection of manuscripts entitled "Hungarian Art Treasures and Monuments Abroad". A catalogue of the results of the author’s research spanning many decades; partially edited for publication, partially in hand-written form, illustrated with photographs. This collection also includes Genthon’s own collection listed on note cards in three boxes, as well as the correspondence related to the publication, reader’s reviews, and other written documents in a box.
  • Description by
    Mária Bernáth